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Anis' Diary

I've got a pocketful of Joy // I've got a pocketful of what you need...

Shimada Anis
23 February
Hey, I'm Anis!

I was born in London, and lived there til I was 3 years old, when we moved to Morocco (My mother is Moroccan; and my father is Japanese). From when I was 8, I lived in France until about age 18, when I moved to Japan. When I was 19 years old, I met Tetsuya Komuro (TK), and we worked together for a while.

When I was 22, I met Ali, and we formed monoral in 1999, releasing our debut album in 2001. We're currently recording for our next release!

I do a lot of work with Japanese music artists, both as a support guitarist, singer and lyricist.

I speak English, Japanese, Arabic and a few other languages here and there. Haha. Music is my life, and my best friend is Hyde from L'arc~en~Ciel. (^_^)

hugs, anis.